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Our Investment Process and Beliefs

A better way to invest.

Henson Aslam Financial Management LLP takes its responsibilities as a steward of its clients’ wealth very seriously, and has adopted an approach to investing that strives to reach new levels of excellence in the industry. Underpinning this approach is a desire to make the best possible decisions for its clients, implement them in the most effective manner, and to keep things simple.

  1. Step

    Identify your needs and objectives

    We will take the time to listen to your personal, family and business aspirations and uncover your specific financial planning objectives. We will ask some thought provoking questions to get you to think about what is really important to you, as well as making sure we have fully understood your attitude to risk.

  2. Step

    Prepare an analysis

    Once your objectives are agreed, we will complete a Personal Financial Plan, which proides an analysis of your current financial position and identifies any areas to develop and act upon.

  3. Step

    Develop a plan of action

    We'll talk you through your Personal Financial Plan stage by stage, setting out specific and realistic recommendations designed to achieve your stated objectives over an agreed time period.

  4. Step

    Implement your plan

    Once we have your agreement, we will put your plans into motion for you. We take care of all of the administration and will correspond with the providers on your behalf.

  5. Step

    On-Going Relationship

    On-Going Relationship

    Following the implementation of your plan we will need to make sure that you remain on track. Generally, we will agree a formal review date going forward in order to ensure that you achieve your objectives.


Investment process

Henson Aslam Financial Management LLP recognises the importance of working with you to understand and achieve your financial aspirations whilst maintaining a lifestyle that you enjoy.

In order to achieve this it is important for us to understand throughout the financial planning process your attitude towards investment risks and the potential variance on risk versus return. Throughout our discussions with you, we will take care and consideration in recommending an investment solution based on the following:

· Your attitude to risk tolerance

· Your investment objectives and goals

· Maximising your tax position and allowances

The investment portfolio and planning strategy that we recommend will consider those factors and will seek to achieve your objectives whilst monitoring the investment risk within your appetite. This will be thoroughly reviewed with you on a regular basis to ensure that your financial objectives remain achievable based on your circumstances at that time. We believe that broad diversification within a portfolio is one of the most effective ways of maximising opportunities while minimising risk.

The main principle of diversification is to smooth out the fluctuations that can occur within a portfolio by broadening the exposure across a range of different asset classes, sectors and ultimately stock holdings. The balance of different asset classes can therefore reduce the overall volatility without significantly reducing the returns achieved from your portfolio. In line with our beliefs, we use an asset allocation based approach to investing. We ascertain your attitude to risk and then align you to an appropriately constructed investment portfolio. Your attitude to risk is reviewed in line with our service agreement and we aim to ensure your investments are appropriately aligned throughout our relationship.

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